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Welcome to Huaraz Treks and Climbs
Punta Union Pass 4750m on the Santa Cruz Trek – Cordillera Blanca
Huaraz Treks and Climbs is a local mountain climbing and trekking guide service offering fully supported treks and climbs in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash mountain ranges with a complete logistical support team.

We are based in Huaraz, Peru at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, the Huascaran National Park, dominated by the massive Nevado Huascaran Mountain at 6768m.

How to Choose your Trek and Grade
It is important you choose an itinerary that is right for you. To help you do this we give each of our trekking and walking holidays a grade and supply information on the number of days walking, maximum altitude, etc. in the trip description.

The Grades
A - Easy
Experience is not necessary at this level: anyone who is in good health and fit enough can enjoy an easy grade trek. Usually easy grade treks are short in duration. However you must still expect to have reasonable amount of ascent and descent. You would normally walk for 4 to 5 hours during the day.

B - Moderate
Most people who enjoy a weekend in the hills or mountains at home are capable of undertaking a trek at this level: you need to be in good health and reasonably fit, and you will almost certainly be taking regular exercise. Walking at higher altitude and the occasional longer or more difficult day may be involved, but generally conditions underfoot will be fair. A walking day would normally be between 5 to 7 hours, and no experience is necessary.

C - Strenuous
For any trek at this level, fitness is most important and you may have to improve yours before departure. Most strenuous grade treks are equivalent to extended walking in mountainous terrain at home, but usually at significantly higher altitudes; climate and remoteness can also play a part. Walking days are usually between 7 and 8 hours, although there may be some longer days for pass crossing or similar. Previous trekking experience is desirable but not essential if you are confident of your physical condition.

Conditions that may affect grading
Please remember that it is impossible to be absolutely precise about how hard a walk or climb may be, as there may be many contributory factors. The main benefit of grading is to provide you with an overall indicator to compare one walk against another. We therefore look at the following factors before deciding the grade:

*Length of trek and length of walking day.
*Level of support.
*Average altitude and altitude gain and loss.
*Trail conditions.
*Remoteness of services and general level of comfort.

Altitude and Acclimatization
This is a major factor on our treks and we strongly recommend that you arrive in Huaraz at least 2 days before a trek departs and spend time doing day hikes to higher altitude, this will help with acclimatization to the new altitude. When gaining altitude, air pressure drops and the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs is reduced. On reaching heights above 3000m especially when ascent has been straight from sea level, heart pounding, mild headache and shortness of breath are normal, especially on exertion, to avoid these problems rest for a few hours on arrival at altitude and take it easy for the first couple of days.

During Treks
You will be accompanied by a fully qualified trekking guide, a cook, a donkey driver and donkeys, and assistants for bigger groups. Donkeys carry your main luggage and all the food, tents and equipment. You only carry a day pack with raincoat, warm jacket, hat and gloves, water bottle, snack, camera, sunscreen etc.

Our Trekking Guide Service
We offer full service trekking holidays, which basically means we do the work and you walk. We provide full support so all you have to carry is a daypack with whatever you require for that day’s walk. Our staff will also erect and take down the tents, cook, wash up and even supply bed tea in the morning. This allows you plenty of free time to relax or explore your surroundings as you wish.

Huaraz Treks and Climbs is a local trekking and mountain climbing guide service that provides a caring, friendly, professional and above all safe trekking and climbing service at a fair price.

Cordillera Blanca Trekking and Hiking
The Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range is part of the larger Andes range; it includes 33 major peaks over 5500m in an area 21km wide and 180km long. The highest mountain in Peru is Huascaran and is located here. The Huascaran National Park, created in 1975 encompasses almost the entire range of the Cordillera Blanca.
Huascaran Mountains – Cordillera Blanca
The 5947m Alpamayo Mountain was declared “world’s Most Beautiful Mountain” by an international survey led by former climber in 1966 in Munich.

There are sixteen 6000m peaks in the Cordillera Blanca with a 400m topographic prominence and a further seventeen peaks over 5500m. The estimated number of glaciers is 260 glaciers, the Laguna Paron, biggest in the Cordillera Blanca is considered the most beautiful of all glacial lakes. Other famous lakes include the Llanganuco Lakes in the Llanganuco Valley at the foot of Huascaran. There are 22 principal hot springs in the Callejon de Huaylas, Monterrey is the closest to Huaraz and Chancos is only 30km north of Huaraz.

3 Day Olleros to Chavin Trek
Grade: Easy/Moderate
Distance: 37 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4700m
Season: April – October
4 Day Santa Cruz Llanganuco Trek
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 50 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4750m
Season: April – October
4 Day Quilcayhuanca Valley Trek
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 35 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4900m
Season: April – October
6 Day Santa Cruz to Ulta Trek
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 67 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4850m
Season: April – September
  6 Day Olleros to Carhuascancha Trek
Grade: Strenuous
Distance: 65 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4850m
Season: April – September
  10 Day Los Cedros, Alpamayo Trek
Grade: Strenuous
Distance: 102 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4860m
Season: April – September
Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking and Hiking
The Cordillera Huayhuash is located in the boundaries of the Ancash Region, Lima Region and Huanuco Region. There are several lakes including Soltera Cocha, Jahuacocha, Carhuacocha and Sarapococha.
It is 30km long and its peaks are much more exposed and have more difficult access than those from the Cordillera Blanca.
Cordillera Huayhuash Mountain Range

Aligned north to south, the main range of some 20 peaks stretches for approximately 25km, with a subsidiary range of smaller peaks stretching out to the west for approximately 15km. Six of the peaks exceed 6000m. Being Yerupaja 6617m the highest mountain in the Cordillera Huayhuash and the second highest mountain in Peru and Siula Grande 6344m, made famous by Joe Simpson in “Touching the Void”.

8 Day Cordillera Huayhuash Mini Trek
Grade: Moderate
Distance: 65 Km
Maximum Altitude: 4850m
Season: April – September
13 Day Cordillera Huayhuash Classic Trek
Grade: Strenuous
Distance: 132 Km
Maximum Altitude: 5100m
Season: April – September
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